November 29, 2011

Release Dates!

Alright, I have some exciting news.  I just got my release date finalized!  These are the dates on which my upcoming books will be available on all platforms, whether it be Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or one of the others..

The new book that I wrote about in my last blog post will be out December 15th, 2011.  I finished it a few days ago, and now it just has to go in for proofreads and some final edits.  The name?  I haven't decided on that yet, but will finalize one within the next few days, and post it on here, along with the cover and an excerpt of the first chapter!

And since I finished the book, I've been hard at work writing the final Dream Realms entry.  It's coming along great, and the words are just flowing onto paper.  It'll be done in time for a December 25th release.  That's Christmas!

So to recap: new book from new series on December 15th, and Graced - Part 2 on December 25th.  Now, back to more writing ;)


November 20, 2011

The Unwieldy Monster That Is My Next Book

To everybody reading my blog: I've been away for a long time from here, but not because I've forgotten about all of you!  The reason I haven't posted much on here is because, for the past two and a half months, I've been hard at work on a brand new book.

I've never worked this hard on a single book in my life.  Each day, without fail, I spent at least 4 hours writing.  This has been on top of going to school full time, keeping up with classes, having a social life, and all the other things I need to do in college.  But I really wanted this book to be the very best I've ever written.  I've read all the criticisms, complaints, and suggestions I received from all of you to do with Shattered, Destined, and Graced.  Those three books were the first ones I've ever released to the public, and all your comments meant so much to me.  Some were pretty harsh, while others were very uplifting, but all were extremely helpful in guiding me to a better understanding of my writing, and myself.

The reason I'm finally writing this post is because the book is nearly done.  I have to finish off the final two chapters, do a complete proofread, and then get it all touched up.  This time, the entire manuscript will be professionally proofread, so that there won't be a single mistake in the entire book (I know some of you were complaining about typos and such in the other books, and wanted to make sure it wouldn't be like that this time).  There's also more depth to the characters, a richer, more fleshed-out world, and (of course) a very touching, hopefully heart-melting, romance.

The book is also more than two times longer than Shattered.  Shattered was about 40,000 words, and a lot of you complained that it was too short, and that you wished I spent more time world-building.  My new book (which I have a title for already, but will keep it secret for now..) is just over 90,000 words.  Not too much to be intimidating, but not so little that you'll breeze by it in a flash.  Actually, it's about the same length as Twilight, or Lauren Kate's Fallen.

So keep watch for more news from me in the coming weeks.  I wanted to thank all my readers for reading my books, and to all those who emailed me asking where I was... I'm back!


PS: I haven't forgotten about the final Dream Realms book, either!  Although most of my time and energy has gone into this new book, I've gotten notes and outlines and parts of chapters done for the last Dream Realms installment, too.  As of right now, it's maybe 40% complete, and as soon as this new book is released, I'll switch over to finishing up Dream Realms before Christmas.  Another huge thanks to my fans for sticking with me through this :)