December 14, 2013


Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to clear up some confusion about Forsaken:

1.  Forsaken is my newest release, but it's not a new story.  It's a re-imagining of Shattered, from the Dream Realms Trilogy.

2.  The difference?  Lots of added content, complete editing and proofreading, and overall just a much better reading experience.

3.  The reason?  I felt like I didn't do the Dream Realms trilogy justice when I first published it in 2011.  There were mistakes all over.  My writing was overly descriptive and flowery in many parts.  If you're checking this blog, I'm betting you've managed to overlook those flaws, but I wanted to share the Dream Realms world with a new group of readers... maybe those who were too young to check it out when it came out in 2011.

So, there you have it.  I took two years off from writing to finish school, but now I'm back.  We'll see how things go.. I think I may have missed the boat a little bit, but I have way more stories to tell.  And, I think I'm a much better writer now.

We'll see how it goes.  It's almost the new year, now, and a perfect time for beginnings.

This is my beginning.


  1. I do hope you finish the seeker saga series. I loved it very much and have been awaiting the next book. I will be checking out this new series in the mean time.

    1. Hey Charity,

      I think I've said before, the third book is 90% finished.. in fact, I had it there in May 2012, before the release date. I just got discouraged with all the negative feedback and ended up never publishing it.

      I have a thicker skin, now, so we'll see. I can't promise anything specific, but knowing there are people like you still waiting for it make me more motivated to work on it.

  2. When is the fourth book releasing?

    1. Hey Nisha,

      Check my last blog post! I uploaded the book a few hours ago, it's called "Foretold", and should be live on Amazon and B&N within 24 hours -- probably much sooner! It's out of my hands, now

  3. You need to add a note on your Dream Realms series, on Goodreads, Amazon, and wherever it is sold, saying that there is a new version, because some of your readers are buying both series only to realize they're the same. Or get rid of the older series all together. Just saying, because as I was reading the reviews there are some very unhappy readers. Or have this link in the descriptions.