July 5, 2011

Quick update!

First of all.. thank you!

The response from all you guys to Shattered has been amazing.  I've gotten countless emails already saying how excited people are for the next book.  It's only been a few short weeks, but I've been blown away by people's response.

So, what have I been doing the past little while?  Writing the sequel!  It's nearly halfway done already, and I think the story is going to be even better than that of the first book.  And I hope everyone likes it just as much.


  1. Nice read...awaiting #2!!!!

  2. Thanks! The book's nearing completion.. it'll be up by the end of the week!


  3. The book was amazing Ms. Sharp!!! You're so talented. I have a question though, the second book will follow Logan and Laura through their journey to fight off the bad vampires right? Or will it be a different story all together? I just can't wait for the next book regardless!