July 27, 2011

Update: The sequel is DONE and ready to be released!

Hey guys!  So, I haven't been updating my blog as much as I would have liked in the past few weeks because I've been really busy writing the sequel to Shattered.  While I did finish writing it about two weeks ago, it took time for proofreading and editing and for my publisher to come back to me with their thoughts.  But today I'm ready to announce that the final version of the second book in the Dream Realms Trilogy is completely finished!

That means all the edits are done, everything's been proofread, and the formatting is good to go.  It's nearly 2 times the length of Shattered, so those who told me Shattered went by a bit quickly will be happy to know the sequel is much longer.

My publisher wanted to release it a week from today, whereas I wanted to (obviously) get it to you guys as soon as possible!  I fought hard to get an earlier release, but they were adamant about needing the week to get the title and cover sorted out.  But, as a compromise, they did say I'll be allowed to post snippets of the book on my blog in the days leading up to the release!

I thought that was a great idea.  So, today, I wanted to post a passage from the start of the book.  Laura and Logan have just gotten out of the caves, and are continuing on their journey north.  Laura's been struggling with the need to feed, as well as figuring out all the new abilities and gifts her transformation has granted her.  As Logan and Laura take a break for the night, they are surprised by an encounter with somebody who they do not yet know, but will be very important in the second book...

They had just set up camp for the night, in a clearing around some trees.  Logan had started a fire, and sat with an arm wrapped around Laura while she leaned comfortably into him. 
They were just sitting, enjoying the silence and the crackling of the fire, when Laura’s ears caught noise from behind them.  In an instant she had twisted around, and Logan was looking back, too. 
Out of the edge of the clearing, Laura suddenly saw two shapes emerging.  But they weren’t clear even to her improved vision.  A man and a woman, she thought, and tall.  Laura had no idea how she hadn’t heard them approaching earlier. 
“Who are you?” Logan demanded, and Laura felt his body tense. 
“We come in peace, friend,” a smooth, confident voice answered him.  The couple moved closer, until they stood just at the edge of the fire’s reaches.  It took time for Laura’s eyes to adjust, but when they did, she could see the two people clearly. 
Both of them were beautiful.  They looked to be somewhere in their early thirties, although their faces had an agelessness to them that was hard to place.  The man had stunning blonde hair that sat atop a perfectly chiseled face.  Hard cheekbones and a strong chin gave him a very masculine look, while delicate eyes complimented it with a dash of femininity. 
And if the man were stunning to her, Laura could only imagine the woman’s effect on most men.  She had blonde hair streaming down to her hips, and her eyes glistened with magnificence.  She had a small nose that was perfectly centered on her face, and delicate rose-red lips.  And she wore a beautiful white dress, which was completely unmarred.  The hemlines were touched by threads of gold, and the bodice bore elegant designs. 

“We bring a gift,” the man said, and lobbed something towards them.  Logan snatched it out of the air.  Laura looked.  It was a dark piece of cloth, and as Logan unfolded it, she realized it was an elegant black shirt.  Perfectly Logan’s size.  “We thought you might like to have a new piece of clothing,” the man continued, “seeing as how you haven’t worn anything for days.”

“How did you know?” Logan asked, the projection of ease only slightly spoiled by a threatening undercurrent.

“We’ve been tracking you for five days,” the woman answered.  Laura’s breath was taken away by her voice.  It rang like bells, and the only justified description Laura could give it was… angelic.

The couple took another step forward, and Laura saw that their flawlessness was only magnified from closer up.  They both had milky white skin, and it was completely perfect.  And, she realized with a start, they had no smell she could pick up.  They were vampires.  The Vassiz?  Had they been found?

“How did you find us?” Laura demanded.  If her voice was a little unsteady, so be it.  If these two had gotten so close and avoided notice, what was to stop a whole army of the Vassiz encircling her and Logan right now?

“You have nothing to fear from us, dear girl,” the man said, spreading his hands.  “As to how we found you… we were told of your coming.  By an old friend.  I believe you’ve met.  Were it not for him, I do not think we would be speaking now.”
“Not… Rafael?” Laura asked.

The man nodded.  “Indeed.  He told us of your coming weeks ago.  But… we did not expect to find you alone.  Is he not with you?”

Laura looked at Logan.  Did they not know?  His face gave nothing away, but she could feel that he had relaxed noticeably on the mention of Rafael.

“You look troubled, child,” the woman said in that ringing voice.  “Speak.  What is the matter?”

Laura looked again at Logan, and he nodded. 

And that's it!  Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek, and look for more in the days before the release of the sequel!



  1. shattered was absoloutly amazing, i LOVED IT!!!! I read shattered in 1 day, i couldnt put it down, and when i reached the end i was dumb because i never wanted it to end. so now im looking for the second book, and i cant find it anywere and i also noticed the title wasnt mentioned so that makes it even harder to find,so basically i need help finding it. is it still not published yet or what? whats the title? getting the preview makes me even more excited about the book, i seriously cant wait!!!

  2. Hey Katie!

    Thanks for being such an awesome fan! I love hearing your excitement for the second book :) It's going to be available tomorrow (August 3rd 2011), and I'll put links up on the blog and everything. But tonight, as a sneak peak, I posted the cover of the second book. You can check it out on the main page ;)

    And I didn't have a name for the book when I posted the excerpt, but now I do. The second book is called [i]Destined[/i]. I'm really excited about it, and hope you'll like it even more than Shattered (I know I do!)


  3. thank you sophia!!! your awsome!!!! :)

  4. Thanks Katie, hope you enjoy the book!