August 5, 2011

Destined is up!

Well, this is exciting (again).  The second book is finally is up!  Here's the description:


Laura has survived the dark caves, and emerged with Logan by her side. But her escape is quickly tainted as she realizes the biggest danger still lies ahead...

She has been transformed, and powers she has never known begin to manifest themselves within her body. As she struggles to gain control, how long will she be able to restrain herself - and her new bloodlust - from taking over?

As she journeys onward, doubts begin to creep into her mind. Doubts about leaving home, about the decisions she's made. But with the Vassiz still behind her, there is no turning back, now.

And she has questions that need to be answered. Just who are the elders, and why have they taken such a keen interest in her? As she starts the unravel the cloak that shrouds their existence, she begins to understand that she may have stumbled into something much larger than herself... and starts to understand her destiny for the first time.

Destined is the second book of the Dream Realms Trilogy, and the direct sequel to Shattered. It is approximately 1.7 times longer than the first book.

And the beautiful cover image (you can click it for a bigger view!):

Destined is up for sale on Amazon (Barnes & Noble is still having problems, but should be up soon).  You can read on a Kindle for now.  Or, if you don't have one, you can get the free Kindle for PC app on your computer to check out the book.

Hope you guys enjoy the second book - I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



  1. LOVED the new book! When can we expect the third?

  2. Wow, you already read it? I'm blown away -- it was only put up this morning! I'm soo happy to hear you loved it!

    I'm writing the third book right now, and plan on working on it hard every day until it's finished. But that doesn't tell you much.. so I'll give you a definitive date: if I keep working like I have in the past few days, the third book will be out August 23rd.

    Hopefully that's quick enough, LOL! And after the third book is done, I'm going to start working on a new series.. hopefully the books will just keep getting better ;)


    PS: would you mind leaving a very brief review on Amazon for Destined?

  3. I'm so excited to hear that it should come out so soon! I'm really looking forward to how the story ends! I kind of stalked Amazon for a bit waiting for Destined to load up. I actually started reading it around midnight and finished at 4 am. It was that good. I left a review like you asked me to. I hope you keep up the amazing work!

  4. I'm betting that you didn't bother to ask the model for permission to use her image on your cover. What about the artist that your ripped from last time? Or are you just going to delete this comment and pretend you didn't infringe on anyone's rights? :/