April 16, 2011

Accessibility and NEW BOOK TITLE!

The Bruins just lost, and are down 0-2 in their series.  Yes, I follow hockey, and yes, that sucks.  I was sad when it happened.

But that's not the point of this blog post.  What I wanted to say was that yesterday I spent a lot of the day looking up some of my favorite authors online.

Some have blogs, others have official looking webpages.  Most have done interviews somewhere in some form.

And what I realized was that all these authors got there doing the same things I'm doing.  They wrote their books, found agents, got publishers interested, found a readership, got fans, and eventually their books took off.  But what was inspiring about seeing them there was this thought: they got there doing exactly what I'm doing.

I also realized that they all did it using the same tools I'm using.  A keyboard and a computer screen.  Although maybe some wrote out their first manuscript by hand, even, but that's not the point.  The point is that they had a story to tell, believed in it, and wrote it.  That's the first step, and it's key.  You can't become an author without a written story, can you?

Speaking of story, I'm becoming really confident in this book I'm writing.  Like, really confident.  I'm up to 86,000 words now, which is already 344 printed pages.  So I'm getting close to the end.  I'm going to have to do some edits, of course, and will probably cut whole sections out to trim it... but, I went back today to reread some of the early chapters that I wrote a few months ago.  I had to prepare myself mentally before doing it, because I was expecting it to be cringe-worthy.  Reading your first draft always is.

But instead, I was surprised to find that it all just... flowed.  And it flowed really well.  The writing was good. Like, I was astonished at how it turned out.  So, my confidence is at an all-time high for getting this baby published.

And I thought of the title today.  I'm going to call it Shattered.


  1. Has part 2 of graced come out yet?

  2. You posted Part 2 of Graced would be released December 25, 2011. I've seen nothing on amazon or your site as far as an update. Do you have a tentative release date.

  3. I had just started to read Shattered and I'm already hooked! You're an amazing author and can't wait to read the rest of The Dream Realms Trilogy!

  4. why hasn't there been a reply about part 2 of Graced? I thought it was supposed to be released around christmas.will we at least get an answer whether its ready or not?

  5. I am looking very forward to the next part. Is there a time update? Its driving me nuts trying to figure out my own ending :) Prefer yours! Can't wait to read.

  6. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS SO MUCH!! From the moment I started reading Shattered, I just couldn't stop reading. :) Keep writing! :) I am so looking forward reading the second part of Graced. :)