April 19, 2011

Accessibility part ii

So, fresh off the heels of a Boston Bruins victory, I thought I'd do a follow up post to my last one.  You know, because I'm in such a great mood and all due to the win (I really am!)

Since this is a blog about me, I thought I'd also mention that today I went out to watch the game at a campus bar with friends.  Had my little fake ID to get in and everything.  I was one of two girls in a group of fourteen, but I had my bruins jersey on and it was a great time.  We even put on some black and yellow face paint!  I'll get some pictures up later and post them on this blog.

But what I wanted to say on the topic of accessibility is that I want to be the most accessible writer out there.  When (if?) I get published (I really think "when" is the right term, because I intend to work hard for it, as I have been already...), I want to be able to be the easiest author to get in touch with, and the easiest one to interact with.  I want to hear from all my fans, and see why they liked my books, but more importantly, I want to know about them.  And I want to be able to give guidance to all the other young aspiring writers out there, to help nudge them in the right direction.  All as a way of saying "thanks" for enjoying my books, or giving back to the authors who want to get published. If I can do all that, I'll be very, very happy.

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  1. Sophia I am.33.and married I live in Oklahoma and.I hVe a 15 year old daughter and I have read all three of your books in like 6 days. They are great. I really wanted to let you know that, and for you to be so young, and have soo much on your plate at once. Please finish the trilogy I'm really excited to find out about what happens to Logan, and Laura (and of course she HAS TO GO BACK TO "GRAY")!!!!! Anyways

    Thank you,
    Kinna Spence

    And also ive wanted to write a couple books myself the titles
    "Our Bouquet" and also "Her Little Life "